Deleting vocabulary?

Hi, i am a free user, and i understand that i have a 100 word limit for my vocabulary words, but i have learned some of them, so i would like to get rid of them and add new words. when i click delete it says i have to upgrade, but i just want to clear up my list to add new words on. What is going on?

@epalmer - We don’t recommend deleting your LingQs since you then lose the benefit of finding these LingQs again in future lessons. It is rare that you have a word nailed down right away and if you do spend the time to nail it down, you are likely to forget it and you are probably spending too much time on the same lesson. Having said that, if you still want to delete your LingQs, you can do so by editing the yellow LingQs and deleting them from the open LingQ widget.