Deleting unwanted posts on your wall


I have spam on my wall. How can I delete it? Can anyone post on my wall without my approval?

Hi I can see you have the same problem.
I have wrote to Ling support , hope they will help us because it is really annoying all these spamers. …
Unfortunately still there is option that someone can put posts without your approval.

Something should be deifinietly done about it. Otherwise there will be more and more such unwanted messages.
I am asking Lingq administors for help …

I have the same message on my wall… she’s clearly desperate…

Lol - was just about to post the same thing…spam spam spam.
Awww, I’m so touched she wants to be my special friend :wink:

I do not think the problem is widespread. For now I do not think it is worth diverting our programmers from other tasks. Let’s hope she(he) loses interest.

It’s true though, she really does want me. I think I’m in love, so stay away!

Yes, I got this message too. There is not much we can do to prevent this. We will look at some kind of delete option in the future. In the meantime…enjoy the attention. :slight_smile:

This baby is on my wall too!
I can’t believe deleting of one wall post takes a lot of time for programmers.

Some of you may be familiar with Stephen Covey’s time management grid.

Check out

Tasks are either

Quadrant 1:Important and Important = Firefighting
Q2: Important but not urgent = Quality time
Q3: Urgent but no important = Distraction
Q4: Not important and not urgent = Time wasting

It is Mark’s job to decide where our programmers spend their time. The more time they spend on Q2, the better LingQ will become. We have some Firefighting to do, but in my view this spam incident falls between Q2 and Q3. We will get to it when we have the time.

I can assure you that there are many useful things that our programmers could do, that do not take a lot of time, but which fall into the Q3 and Q4 quadrant, distractions and time wasting for now. They are still on the list but are not priorities.

I’ve got one too.

Is there a way to remove the following spam from my wall (from User “julietbaby”)?

Hello greeting to you my dear My name is
miss Juliet, i read about you in this site at and i decide to
communicate with you and it will please me if you will be my friend, i
wish if you will respond to my mail box (…) so
that i will tell you more about my self and also send you my picture
for you to know who i am, i hope to hear from you. yours juliet write
me here email at (…)

All gone! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Alex!

Thanks, Alex.

Another spammer has added me as a friend and published an embarassing post on my wall. It would be nice if it could be removed. :slight_smile:

There seem to be more than one of these if we follow the thread, and I am sure Alex will delete their accounts when he wakes up.

It looks more than anything like a few high school buddies trying to “have some fun” :stuck_out_tongue: In any case, I’ve cleared a few of their accounts – the ones that contain any sort of inappropriate content. If they legitimately want to study on the site they’re welcome to come back, but they need to know that any sort of profane language is not tolerated on the site.

Maybe it’s time to give members the ability to erase their own boards?

Some of the spammers have been deleted, some are still active:

creedlover4ever / BIGblack / wetnwild / BIGjohnson69 / CHRIS / marvinmonkey
All these are members since November 29, 2010, and “learn” Spanish :wink:

Plus- all members should have the ability to erase all board entries on their profile page!

Not all of the accounts were deleted as not all of these users broke the rules. I wouldn’t label them all as spammers, as only a percentage of them actually spammed other members.

Regarding the delete function, I agree that it would certainly be nice, but I’m not entirely sure how much work it would take to implement such a function. We’ll discuss it and see if it should be moved up the priority list.