Deleting of imported lessons

I am downgrading to Free membership and the system demands to delete my imported lessons. I am glad, I do not have many imported lessons, otherwise it would be pain in the ass.

When I filter my lessons to “Private”, “Archived” (other options unticked), I got not only my imported archived lessons, but all archived lessons, so there is no easy way to get the list of my imported lessons only by filtering.

When I try to delete my collections with imported lessons all together, I get error “Cannot remove the ‘English learning Forum/Blog topics’ collection because it contains items bought by some users”. But the collections are private, e.g. 'Quick Imports" collection created by import bookmarklet. Who could “bought” my private lessons after all?

Even when I deleted all lessons from the collection, I cannot delete the collection itself. I get the above error about “bought lessons”. And despite there are 0 lessons in the collection, the status “In Use” shows 2.

Anyway, I cannot select and delete group of lessons. I have to click on menu, then “Delete Lesson” and then confirm “Are you sure?” for each lessons (three clicks and wait, three clicks and wait, three clicks and…). There were only about 30 lessons, but I almost “hate” you for this :slight_smile:

Please, check the functionality of this part of the site.

Thanks for the heads up about archived privately imported lessons. Courses need not be removed, it is only lessons that affect this limit. We have plans to enhance the Import section in the future and will keep these suggestions in mind.