Deleting messages in the Wall?

Hi! I’ve just received a message in my Wall that is clearly spam. So I was just wondering if it is possible to delete messages writen in your own wall. If it’s not possible, maybe it could be an interesting option to have in mind for the next LingQ update.

Hi, The advice I’ve read on this topic is:
A)Sorry there is no delete function on the wall.
B)You can post a series of s on your wall to push the offending message off your profile - or your favourite poem or anything else that appeals.

I posted this message on my wall.

Unfortunately the space bar does not serve to fill the space.

Pour moi, les messages sur mon mur sont importants. C’est un forum où je peux communiquer avec mes amis et ils peuvent me communiquer aussi. Respectez cet éspace s’il vous plaît. Je suis une tutrice, et si tu as d’interêt de me parler, c’est d’ici que nous pouvions communiquer. Je ne répondrai aux messages qui ont envoyés en masse. Merci.

This wall is my space to communicate with friends, students and my tutor. Please respect it. I will not respond to posts left here or with other members en masse. Thank you for respecting this space.

Maybe we can translate this message into more languages for reposting. Feel free to edit/correct. I wrote this quickly.

Thank you lizstan! It’s a good idea. I suppose that spammers won’t respect it, but it’s better than nothing! Anyway, it would be interesting to implement in the next LingQ update. I’m not an expert, but I figure it’s not a really difficult option to add, and it would be nice to have some control on your wall area!