Deleting links while working on a lesson

I often want to edit my link list while working on a lesson. I might think, for example, “no I really should have gotten more of that phrase than I did on the first go — it will be more meaningful when I review it if I see a little more context”. In the website version of the app, I would view all links, highlight the one I want to get rid of and select “remove” in the drop-down. This does not appear to be available in the app version…or if it is, I haven’t found it. How can I delete links on the fly while working on a lesson. P.S. I do this many times per lesson.

When you select a LingQ, in the app, you should see the Ignore (X) option where you can remove it. Can you please take another look?

Ah ok. I guess you mean the circle with the line through it when you’re in “edit” for a lingq — the option after the numbers and check mark. Easy enough when you know it but I I didn’t know what that button was for……it isn’t labelled “Ignore”. Well at least deleting lingqs from the reading screen is doable and handy. Thanks!