Deleting lingq to import to anki

So I love lingq in general but struggle with some of the dictionary support.

I prefer switching the cards into anki where I can auto update the dictionary entries to match much better what I am looking for. (I use pleco and other chinese dictionaries. ) I don’t want to stop and correct each entry in lingq as I am reading because I want to do it in bulk.

I am regularly exporting to anki, then I use the anki chinese support plugin(modified locally) to convert to the format of cards and def’n that I like.

I don’t review in lingq but I love using it to consume content and mark words for me to review later.

The export process continues to grow to a larger size as I get more and more created. I was curious if anyone else that exports to anki(I assume since the option exists it isn’t uncommon) deletes the lingq’s afterwards so the export list doesn’t keep growing.

Just curious how people long term manage using this tool to consume content but a different tool to review.

edit: The title is probably confusing. I definetly intend to keep using this tool, I just only use it to consume content not manage vocab.

i thought about doing what you’re doing but instead I’m manually copying and pasting into a different SRS app called flash cards deluxe. It’s similar to anti but is mobile only so it’s a bit easier to well add cards on my iPhone or iPad. If you come up with an easy way to export stuff to Anki I’d be interested.

Oh so anki is quite easy to export to but as a developer myself I feel bad for continuing to hammer the server by accumulating all the lingq here that I keep exporting when I only need a diff of new ones.

They have the anki deck export option but honestly I don’t like that way that works.

If you export a CSV then you can import to anki and you select which columns map to which fields of a preexisting anki card definition. I just choose the fields so they map to the card style I have been using for chinese study previously. I can choose to ignore new cards that have the same primary field(vocab item in question) so it doesn’t re-add them. This means I can keep exporting everytime and it works fine. Since I can creating anki fields on my card I love that I can preserve the original word context all the way through to anki.

I have an additional step of bulk updating the definitions because I like other dictionaries better but that is mostly just my preference.