Deleting lincqs

I have been a member for a few days now, and i am very pleased with the system. This way of learning seems really effective and even comfortable because reading and listening is much more laid back than methods where you have to make an effort to try and remember all the time !

I have already reached 299 lincqs in my french studies, and therefore i have been trying to delete some of the lincqs that i now understand. The problem is that the number is not declining. Isn’t it supposed to change when deleting lincqs, or changing their status to “known”?

I will eventually upgrade my account, but i am just wondering whether it is the time for that now or not :wink:

  • Thomas

I think the statistics continue adding your new LingQs to the old ones even if you have deleted them. You can go to the Vocabulary section and see how far away you are from 300 (maybe by setting the number of LingQs show to 100 it’s easier to keep track of the number of active LingQs).

In my opinion the only way to know the exactly number of saved words is, to go in the vocabulary section and looking on the pages.
Each page has 25 words.
Here you are able to click on the words and can delete more than one (from the 25 on the page)

Or - you can change the 25 to 100 - then it is faster :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice! It turned out that i only had 245 linqs.

Do you know if linqs marked as “4 - known” count?

  • Thomas

I think that all words count for a free member

So can anyone confirm if I understand this right - that the 300 LingQs included in the Free membership, refer to the actual number of entries in the vocabs list, and not the “LingQs Created” count on the Profile page?

At the present time it refers to the actual number of LingQs active in the vocab list.