Deleting lesson off playlist only deletes it from playlist edit list, not from the playlist

Hi, I have 28 lessons on a playlist. I tried to delete 2 off the list. In the playlist edit screen it now shows 26 lessons with the 2 removed but when I open the playlist all the 28 lessons are still there.

I just tried this with a playlist and it seemed to work properly. Are you using the back button to return to the playlist, or navigating back to the Playlists section by clicking on “My Lessons” at in the Learn dropdown?

I am not using the back button. I am going through ‘My Lessons’.

Would you be able to share this playlist then link me to it so I can take a closer look?

Some of the lessons on the list are copied from various podcasts I subscribe to and shouldn’t be shared.

Can you try deleting these lessons again then refreshing that page to see if they disappear? Also, has anyone else noticed this same problem?

How do I delete them?

As you attempted to do initially, try it again and then refresh the page to see if that helps.

As the thread header states, I have álready deleted the lessons off the playlist edit window list so is there another way to delete a playlist than through this list?

No, that is the way to do it. If you see the correct number of lessons in the Edit Playlist view, that should be the same number as appear in the My Lessons view of that Playlist. Are you going to My Lessons again or are you clicking Back on your browser to get back to it? If you click back on your browser, it will still show the old list until you refresh the page.

Ah, I believe I understand the issue now. Unfortunately as I can’t yet reproduce this it will be difficult to track down what exactly is causing this. If you can reproduce this with another Playlist that you’re comfortable sharing and sending me the link to, then that should help in better identifying why this might be happening.

This is a bug that needs fixing. I think I could temporarily share the list for the purposes of support. Do I need to share each lesson or the playlist itself?

The strange thing is that everything here is working fine for me. Just to confirm, this is what I am doing: 1. On the My Lessons page, I am clicking on the lesson dropdown and clicking Add to Playlist for a bunch of lessons. I type in a playlist name initially in the popup when adding the first lesson. 2. I then click on Edit Playlist in the Playlist dropdown beside the Open button for a playlist which takes me to the edit playlist page. 3. I click the “Remove” link beside the lessons I want to remove from my playlist. 4. I then navigate back to My Lessons and then sort by Playlists and then click on my Playlist to see its contents. The lessons I removed are no longer displayed.

Are these the same steps you are taking?

I did the same thing. The only differences are:

  1. I used the playlist for a few days opening some of the lessons during that time and opening and closing LingQ, possibly rebooting computer.
  2. The 2 lessons I want to delete start with the same word (Audiria) as another 4 lessons on the list.
  3. After deleting the 2 lessons I renumbered the playlist.
    When I created this playlist I did so because I was having a similar problem with another playlist. Obviously it’s too much trouble to have to keep creating a new playlist whenever I want to remove a lesson.

This is all very strange. All of this stuff seems to be working fine for us. You will have temporarily share all the lessons and the playlist in order for us to access it. Or, it may make more sense to first send a screencast showing all the steps you are taking just to make sure we understand exactly what you are doing. You can use Jing ( to record your screencast.

I have tried to emulate the problem but new playlists are acting normally.
I think I have narrowed the problem down to the filter on the left.
If I select ‘Playlists + Private’ I get a list of playlists on the right. Selecting Playlist 1 gives 28 lessons (i.e the 2 deleted lessons Audiria Art and Audiria Kitchen are still there).
Now the filter on the left has moved the focus to ‘Lessons’ and unticked ‘Private’.
If I now tick ‘Private’ the playlist has only 26 lessons with the deleted Audiria Art and Audiria Kitchen gone.
Now selecting ‘Playlist’ on the left brings back the the list of playlists.
Selecting Playlist 1 brings up 28 lessons.
Now ticking ‘Private’ on the left brings up 26 lessons.
Now selecting ‘Playlists’ again and selecting Playlist 1 on the right brings up 28 lessons.
Using this method allows toggling between showing and not showing the deleted lessons.
When I updated Firefox to the latest version and Firefox restarted it showed 28 lessons. There was a short pause whilst the page refreshed and it then showed 26 lessons.
I am using Firefox 16.0.2 but the same thing happens with I.E (v8).
I have temporarily shared out the lessons and playlist so that you can try it out yourself.

Now that I have shared out the lessons and playlist it seems to be working normally so the problem could be with the Private filter.
The other thing that I didn’t think of was that I had previously copied the URL of playlist 1 as a desktop shortcut so that I could bring up the playlist with 1 click. If I use this shortcut now it still brings up the 28 lessons including the deleted lessons. This seems to be bringing up a cached version of the page even though the URL Login - LingQ is the same in both cases.

@dfranks - Thanks for the additional information regarding this issue. We’ll take a closer look into this and will let you know if we need anything further.

Thanks but I have managed to resolve the issue myself.
If you try to create a desktop shortcut or Bookmark, I.E Favorite directly to either the lessons, vocabulary or playlist pages in order to bypass the annoying timeline homepage, LingQ will act unpredictably when creating or deleting lessons or adding, deleting to the playlists.
The solution in that case is to always enter LingQ through the timeline homepage to make any changes and, if a playlist is showing deleted lessons, access the playlists via the homepage, recreate an identical playlist with a new name and delete the old playlist.

@dfranks - OK, again thanks for this information. For now it might be a better idea to navigate to this page by maybe bookmarking the Library or the My Lessons page. From there you should be able to get to the playlist fairly quickly.