Deleting lesson from playlist

I am using the PC browser app. How do i remove a lesson from the Playlist? There is an “edit” checkbox but once clicked I don’t find any way to remove a lesson. Next to each lesson there is a small icon with three horizontal bars which I guess should open up a menu but it seen unresponsive.

On the Playlist tab, click on the “Edit” button at the top, and then you will be able to select all tracks you want to remove. The “Remove” button is right above the Playlist.

thanks, but I don’t seem to have that button. The only button I have says “Done” and if I click it the interface just goes back to the non edit mode. Is there a way to post a screenshot here?

Try scrolling all the way to the bottom. For me on a PC the Remove button is at the end of the playlist. It’s not by the Done button or above the playlist.

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thanks, you are right. I found it at the bottom. Looks like a page formatting quirk rather than a design choice so I would suggest the web developer to have a look and put it back next to the “Done” button.