Deleting an empty course

I tried to import an ebook to my courses today and the first time I did it incorrectly, resulting in a course with no content. I redid it correctly and now have two courses, one empty and one with the content. Deleting the empty course does not seem to be an option anywhere. What am I missing?


I asked support about it. They said it is a known bug they are working to fix.

I do have a bunch of stuff too that I can’t delete anymore for now. I have no idea how to do it in this version. Before I was able to find workarounds to find ways to delete stuff but in this version seems to be a bit more complicated.


You can’t delete them from the app. You’ll need to login to your account on the website version and you can remove them from there.

Not always. Those I have are still on there and there is no way you can’t delete them. They have a white (+) and you can’t perform any action anymore, it tells you there’s no course anymore.

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