Deleted Lingqs show up as white on lesson?!

I bit off more than I can chew, and imported a book way above my level and basically lingq’ed the whole thing. I realized this was ridiculous and deleted some lingqs I’m really under-level for, but now when I go to the lesson they don’t have any highlighting, making it look like I already know them all. How do I get them to highlight blue as if I’d never seen them before? I just want to undo my overreach!

Edit: Okay, I think they’re set as “ignore word” …so how do I make it unknown again?

Yes, the “X” button on the Vocabulary tab is actually the Ignore. Ignored words appear as white on the lesson page, just like the known words, but aren’t of course counted in known words stats.

There is no way to make them blue again, but you can re-save them as LingQs if you click on them. You aren’t under-level for any word and there is no points leaving any blue words behind. Otherwise, all blue words will also be moved to known automatically when you complete a lesson. You should get rid of all blue words in a lesson before completing it.

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha I just found that out the hard way! I had to go back and change all the “known” words to lvl 1 in a long lesson! Still getting the hang of using this site, but I’m figuring it out. Thanks!

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