Deleted LingQ still counting against limit?

On the main page, the number in the yellow bar marked [Vocabulary/LingQs] is 121. But 120 of those vocabularies I had just recently deleted to make room for more. When I click onto the vocab list, only one word shows up–the one I just added. I also tried resetting my Chinese data, since I hadn’t logged on in a long time and wanted a fresh start anyway. But the 120 LingQs are still there, taking up space on my free account. They do not show up in the vocab list but still counts toward my limit.

It is impossible to make room for more. All the LingQs are counted, wether they are deleted or not.

LingQs limit is a hard limit and even if you delete your previously created LingQs, you won’t be able to create new LingQs instead. You can upgrade your account to get unlimited LingQs or you can increase your limit by inviting your friends to join LingQ and if any of them upgrade you can earn points. Visit the invite page for more details - Login - LingQ.