Deleted lessons still show up in Android app

I created an English course with a vast amount of news articles and every now and then I delete the finished articles in the chrome-browser. There, they disappear and don’t show up any longer.
But they are still in the Android app. At the moment, I have more than a hundred read and deleted articles and it takes an increasing amount of time to scroll to the next unread article. It also doesn’t help to delete them again in the app. They are already marked as deleted.
Is there any solution I can try?


Can you please try to logout/login back and let me know if that helps?

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That worked, thanks!

Today I have the same problem with my browser (chrome), Neither logout or deleting cookies helped. When I try to delete the lesson again, I receive the message, that the content doesn’t exist.

We had some issues on the site today. Do you still see deleted lessons now?

No, they are gone, thanks. I later realized, that there must be some general issues, since I also had problems with the vocab-trainer. But it seems running normaly again.

But I have still a problem on my Polish site, where I have bunch of courses, which I once had added to continue studying and now can’t remove.

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Thanks, I’ll check that.

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