Delete or Remove a Language

It is great that it is so easy to add a language to explore, but I’m lost on how to remove one. I’m currently studying French primarily, but I’ve changed to other languages in order to explore them a bit. I saved one Chinese Lingq but have no active assignments; I’m now getting a Chinese Lingq of the Day. Is there a way to remove a language or is it just a matter of deleting any assignments and Lingqs?

I searched the forum and help threads and didn’t find an answer, so I apologize if someone has asked this already.


Hi Jason,

You can’t delete a language but the LingQs of the Day will stop after a maximum of 5 times if you don’t save any new LingQs. If you delete your LingQs in Chinese, this should also solve your problem.

Thanks so much, Mark!

I do not see fourth language on android menu.Only three.
Maybe too many languages did I add?How can I see it, if it is not impossible to remove language ?
How to solve this problem.


@VytautasT - I’m not sure I quite understand the issue you are having. Are you using the iLingQ app or are you browsing on the site?