Delete LingQs in the App

Anyone know how you can delete a LingQ in the App. Can do it when on the LingQ Web Site.

To remove LingQs (ignore them) tap on the pencil at the top right on the Vocabulary tab.
You will then be able to select LingQs you want to remove and remove them (ignore) on the “Mark Ignored” option at the bottom.

Hi Zoran
Thanks very much for your reply. I have tried on the App and cannot see a pencil on the top right. I think I have not explained myself correctly anyway. The problem is that when I have two explanations for a LingQ and I want to delete say the second one and keep the the first, this is OK on the Web Site as a X comes up next to it when you select the filed and you can delete it. If you have two LingQ explanations on the App you cannot delete the second one and leave the first one as if you delete it it just pops back up again. My be I could delete the entire LingQ and set it up again. Not a big problem anyway. Fan of LingQ. I am a terrible language learner but am enjoying trying. All the Best.

Oh, I see. Sorry about misunderstanding. If you have more than one translation saved for a word and want to remove some of them, just swipe it left to remove it.

This works good. Was not obvious to me. Thanks.

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