Deleating imported lessons

Hi Mark,

I am sorry if you answered this question already, but I couldn’t find the answer anywhere. I want to share new Japanese lessons, but I have tens of imported lessons in my English section. Am I able to batch-delete all of my imported lessons (and lessons I have studied and archived) if I upgrade to a basic membership? I am not good at organizing all of my works, and need to refresh them.

Hi Emma,

There is no batch delete function for content but the Import restriction only affects Free members. Basic, Plus or Premium members can import as much content as they like. Free members are only allowed 5 imported lessons across all languages, although any shared lessons are not counted. Also, any imported/unshared content of Free members that has not been used in at least 60 days will periodically be deleted.

Hi Mark,

Now I remember Nobuo told it to me. OK, I will upgrade my membership for now and wait for imported lessons to be automatically deleted in 60 days (Around April 16th?).
BTW, is there any easy way to delete archived lessons?

I think you misunderstood my/Mark’s explanation.

If you upgrade from a free member to a basic member, your imported lessons will NOT be automatically deleted. If you are a free member, your imported/unshared content will periodically be deleted.
There is no easy way to delete a lot of your archived lessons. You have to delete one by one.


Also, the removal of imported lessons from Free accounts is not an automated process but is a process we will run manually from time to time to free up server space. Therefore, it is probably best not to rely on this as a content removal mechanism.

Nobuo san,

Ohhh, I see. So if I want imported lessons to be deleted, I should stay as a free member, shouldn’t I?! Thank you for letting me know that.
I really want to have a batch-delete-archived-lessons function though. I don’t need to keep track of all of my work (or I might missing something again?)

It is OK for me if you don’t plan to have an automated removal of imported lessons function. I just want to delete everything I have on my import section now. In 60 days, I will be more careful of importing private study materials so that I don’t need to rely on the system. The problem is just “now.” My import section is too messy and doesn’t want to delete them one by one. A unorganized person like me need to refresh the account once in a while…