Definition of schedule of conversations

Unfortunatelly I for the first time omitted my conversation.
It must be today on Thursday at 12.00 am.
I think that it isn’t my fault but the fault of the Lingqsupport.
I was sure that this time is noon.
But for the logic of Lingqsupport it was a midnight - why?!
For me (and I think for all reasonable people!) the midnight is 0.00 am and then will be 1.00 am, 2.00 am - it’s logic!
I think the Lingqsupport must reconsider in definition the time of midnight in order to the members of Lingq could understand what time they are going to sign up.

Unfortunately it is how they (foreigners) count hours…
0:00 — 12:00am
1:00 — 1:00 am
2:00 — 2:00 am

11:00 — 11:00 am
12:00 — 12:00 pm
13:00 — 1:00 pm

Я понимаю, но это крайне нелогично: сначала 12 рм, а затем вдруг снова 1 рм, почему не 0.00 или 24.00 ???

In the settings you can chose a 24 h clock. That is what I did because I got sometimes confused.

Да, нелогично. Тоже не могу никак понять о чём думали, когда придумали такую систему. Без 0:00, но с 12:59. %)

As Cakypa says, it is how us (foreigners) tell time… :wink: 0:00am does not exist.

Ukrainian parliament a decade (or even more) ago issued a law that “at Ukraine” is not correct Russian form, and Russians should use “in Ukraine”. If Ukrainian parliament can issue laws about reform of Russian language, I wonder, can Russian parliament issue a law about reform of 12-hour system? :slight_smile: