Default Japanese example sentence is just the selected word

When creating a LingQ in Japanese, the default example sentence is just the selected word or phrase. This wasn’t the case, but seems to have started yesterday or the day before. If creating a new LingQ then the phrase can be added using the Widget, but it defeats the object of using existing LingQ definitions as they’re then completely stripped of all indications of context.

The default sentence in Japanese wasn’t very good anyway, as if it was near another LingQ then you’d see the text ‘LingQ’ appear in the sentence before the word, and didn’t seem to ever get quite as far as five words in either direction.

Am I missing something? The example sentence feature seems to work much better in French.

@roan - I see there are some issues there. We will look into them. Sorry about that.

@roan - The issue with the auto selection of Japanese and Chinese phrases should now be resolved. Let us know if you have any more problems.