Deciding to Keep Track of My Progress In Spanish and Korean

Starting today, I want to keep track of my progress in Spanish and Korean. Every Monday, I will post up in “MY GOALS” section on my blog to talk about my progress on both of them.


Yup. That’s a good idea. I track my goals for reading through LingQ as I only do my reading here. This way I know where I currently stand. For listening, I note down my daily listening hours in a notebook as I do the majority of listening outside LingQ. Keep one thing in mind, the progress is not linear. In the background, your subconscious mind is working on it, however, the results are not visible right away. For example, when I listened first 600 hours in German, the language still sounded like a bunch of noise. But, one day I woke up that noise was gone. After that moment forward, the progress has been on the upward graph. Hang in there and keep at it. Your language device is never “shut off”. If you bombard it with constant language, it will be activated much sooner, for example, listening for 6 hours a day.

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What a good idea! Your plan makes you keep stay motivated

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It sure does! Recently, I fell back a little but no big deal. I am bouncing back to my rigorous schedule.

I guess most people do that haha I do too no exception. Way to go !