Dears (so many) English tutors, Pleaaaaase!

Advanced English group conversation for next week ; 21:00 ; Montreal time !
Thank you!

I’d love to join, but I have to study =(

And I’d be sleeping anyway!

What’s that in GMT? I think that would be the middle of the night for me…or would it be the middle of the afternoon?

(GMT - 0400) US/Eastern ; that would be the middle of the night for you Helen ; unfortunatly for me!

what up my friends

I Have Lost All Hope

There aren’t any tutors available to offer group discussions on weeknights around 21:00 (GMT - 0400) US/Eastern; it’s unbelievable. I regret that I’ll have to go back to the only possible solution, to find a "kind soul” among the members of LingQ who would be willing to help me practice my English!

My schedule makes it difficult for me to sign-up days in advance and I often have to cancel at the last minute. It is to my advantage to be able to enroll in a group discussion because I can do so at the last minute. Regrettably, since the tutors can’t accommodate my schedule I will dismiss this possibility…

Hi Marguerite, I believe that some of the new tutors don’t read this forum because they simply don’t no that this forum exist! I recommend to write on the walls of the English tutors.

Hi Marguerite, I am an English teacher here in South Korea and am available for your time. I will post up some advanced group conversations starting next week. I would prefer to do it for your Sunday, Monday or Tuesday evenings, but let me know what time best suits and what topics you are most interested in.

Thanks Edwin.

We are planning improve the Speak page to make it easier to find native speaker tutors or the tutors of your choice. Please bear with us.

I just have conversations with the mirror… I have to say I’m a very interesting guy…

Hi Chris, I missed your comments :wink:

Edwin thank you very much, it’s fantastic! Thanks also to you both Allison and Jillisa. I appreciate.
My plea was finally heard! I am very happy! Things are moving.
I just wonder if I too stressed… (I’m not sure I have the good expression here for that!)

Vera: I was about to follow your advice … As always, a precious advice: thanks again.