Dear Steve!

Dear Steve,

You are incredible! It’s a real blessing to know you. Having so many resources and sharing them with all of your Lingq students, including me, is truly an amazing opportunity!

You do so much for us from welcoming almost every new student, to answering students’ questions of all kinds.
Your ongoing research on language learning as well as all your precious advice, your brilliant idea for the development of Lingq, and even your counseling on the forum about… a mother’s concern, are really commendable.

I want to give you a huge, heartfelt thanks for all that you do for LingQ!

In addition, here at LingQ, we can experience the respect, good manners, good language, and good relationships. It’s nice to see and really exceptional as well. I think what we have here at Lingq is a distinguished, what we call in French, “culture d’entreprise”.

I add my voice to Marguerite here!! As I told you Steve, just a few minutes ago in our talk, TheLinguist and now LingQ has brought to me much more than learning a language. These systems are yours, your idea so it’s you that I thank for that! Marguerite summarized well all of that. Plus, your ongoing enthusiasm and sympathy are wonderful…
My deep wishes for the future of this site that you and Mark continually want to improve.

I was about to send a feedback email to Steve but then I saw this thread so I thought I might as well add it here.

I’m quite new to LingQ but I just find it amazing. It’s an amazing resource. I don’t seem to be able to finish the sentence that I keep thinking in my head, but it starts “LingQ is the best thing to happen to motivated language learners since…”. It doesn’t matter, I know what I mean :slight_smile:

It’s inspiring to see someone so dedicated and willing to put in the finance and time required to give us all the resources we need to learn languages. Is there any way in which we can help you with the development, maintenance or promotion of LingQ (aside from becoming a Tutor)?

Thank you for these kind words. Mark and I know that we have a lot to do to make the site more intuitive, easier for people to figure out, more pleasant to use, in other words BETTER! . We are working on it. Things are moving as fast as our resources permit.

We have first to complete these changes, and I think we are weeks away from the first stage of major improvements, with more to come. But at that point we have to make greater efforts to spread the word. We hope that we can count on the help of all our members to increase the number of our users. Rosetta Stone is a great marketing success. We cannot do what they do, but we have to do better at promotion than we are doing now.

But first we have to make sure that when you recommend friends and acquaintances come to LingQ, that a large number of them will immediately like it and start using it. We are not there yet, but we are getting close.

Your help in promoting the site will be greatly appreciated. The more members we have, the more content, the more tutors, the more saved LingQs in all languages, and the better LingQ will be. And of course we need the revenue!

Mark may have some other words to add.

I’d like to echo the apppreciation of Steve. On top of the great service, there is something intrinsically motivating about the entrpreneurial spirit that has given rise to LingQ. Thanks a lot!

I would not call it an entrepreneurial spirit. It all started with an employee, recent immigrant from China, who, although qualified as a professional, had such poor English that he could not really work effectively in Canada. I only hired him because I heard on the radio that he had his life savings stolen at the airport upon arrival, to give him a chance.

It was then that I discovered, by going to conferences on the issue of immigrant settlement, that ESL instruction for immigrants is largely a waste of money and time and decided to do something. From there things just snowballed. From an English learning site for immigrants we became a world wide site for English and then changed to a site for many languages.

What kept me and Mark going was the challenge, the challenge of coming up with a better way of learning languages than the established classroom based system.

In fact the challenges are many; how to make the site better; how to utilize the web to spread awareness; how to create a fun community that can grow. The greatest pleasure is the interaction with the members of the community. We have wonderful members in so many countries. I am sure there are thousands more people out there.

My vision is one day to have so many LingQers that wherever we travel in the world we will have LingQer friends to meet up with.

Well, there are international Esperanto gatherings, so why not have a LingQ conference every now and then - or simply ad hoc meetings? And, by the way, huge thanks also from me.

For the people that understand how things work here, LingQ can change their lives forever. That was my case. Two years ago I could barely read technical stuff in English, now I can read novels, watch movies, talk to natives and write my own technical papers! Only this year I had 7 (seven!!!) technical papers accepted for publication in important conferences in my knowledge area, and in most of them at least one reviewer commented it was very well written… (the fact that all this writing lead me to a burnout is another story… heheheh)
In other words, my professional perspectives were dramatically increased just because some day, almost by chance, I found LingQ.
Added to this, there is all the fun! Not only with the content we use itself, but also the pure joy of discovering that you are really able to do those things you never dreamed about. It is so easy to conclude that you will never do it when you study hard for 20 years without success… and then, this guy comes to guide you through an unthinkable simple path, but that happens to be the right one, and all of a sudden, you discover that “yes, you can” ! :smiley:
Needless to say, I’ll be grateful for Steve forever for this.