"Dead Links" in Chinese Lessons?

Hello all,

I’m going through the lesson “冰島人爲什麽長壽” within the course 中文天天读.
I encountered this sentence on the second page: 为了 得到 这个 问题 的 答案
However, the very last word after 的, “答案”, is unclickable. Pressing it does nothing. I cannot select this word to begin or end a phrase. Even if I try wrapping a phrase around that word, the TTS function runs over and acts like it doesn’t exist.

I don’t know what to do about this “dead link.” Is this something that can be fixed? Is this something that occurs with other words or lessons?

Thanks in advance.


While I’m not sure the cause of this issue, I have definitely noticed this happens from time to time throughout many articles.
Perhaps this happens during the import process, not sure. 答案 = answer