David Miliband comments, Foreign Secretary of UK

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I tried to listen David Miliband’s comments in youtube:

and tried hard to catch his words. I can’t catch some words.
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David Miliband on the EU Treaty

when in comes to the Treaty, what is the best you can hope for this summit?

i think that people want to see real respect for the irish vote, real calm, as the
irish government decides on its next steps and above all are real sense that
the european union hasn’t forgotten the real issues that really matter to voters
and those are issues of oil prices, food prices, climate change, security policy, those
are the things in the end the european union is gonna be judged by.

with the treaty everything comes around in the end, every option comes around to getting the
Irish to vote again, doesn’t it?

i dont accept that, i think every option comes down to the fact that you need
27 countries to agree any treaty change, and that means there are still 7 countries
who need to make decision. Britain has now completed its parliamentary process, i think
that scene is significant, but obviously there are 7 other countires
and then the irish question as well,
and it’s for the irish government to decide on their next step, but people should be clear
that there’s no treaty change unless every country in the european union agrees to it.
That’s why this is a union of equals, when it comes to institutional matters.

But britain wants the treaty, so in the end, presuming the others ratify, you will be turning around
along with the other 25 and saying to the irish, well, what condition are there, under what
condition we live vote again

No we will be saying to the Irish that the only way for real respect for the irish vote
to be shown is for the irish government to decide on their next moves.
Just as we said throughout last week that the British parliament and the British
government have to have British view, so in Ireland is for the Irish to decide what their
next steps are.

Three years ago, the same thing happened or…referendum or two referendums, and the french
and dutch said no, and EU went… agonizing bouts in respect of some wondering what it did
done wrong and why it wasn’t …,same thing has happen this time around, from a country that is,
by every standard very pro EU. Is it still doing the same thing wrong with the EU, is there
something fundamentally wrong with the EU, and its relationship with European voters?

Well the good news is that no one in europe is saying they want another three to five years
bout of institutional wrangling, i think the truth is that for too much of the last five years
the european union has been defined by institutional wrangling, and the voters are given
a very clear hand signal as to what they think of that sort of focus.
What they want to see us embrace is the new agenda which is around the threat to our
security or our prosperity that come whether from climate change or illegal immigration
or energy security issues, and i think that’s the agenda we’re trying to get onto as the
new agenda for europe which is about big policy issues and there’s an old agenda issues
that we need to put behind us. We think the Lisbon Treaty did put those issues behind us…
…under institutional reform for at least ten years. But obviously unless 27 countries
support it, it won’t come into force.

How much for the loss will it be if it doesn’t come into force?

Well i think that the Lisbon Treaty would have made for more effective, cohesive, and
efficient european union, and without that, obviously the european union is less efficient,
less cohesive, and less effective. But the work of the european union we’ll need to carry
on it, we just carry on it in less optimal way.

But we dont have, we the British government dont have the same kind of passion for it,
as say the French or the German, i mean the efficient, effective, it’s all
pretty cool, it’s not the same sort of thing you have from other people.

I think British passion but also european passion, French and German passion, comes from
solving problems, not from redesigning institutions. And in the end what makes you
get up in the morning in politics is actually promoting security and porsperity, tackling
risk insecurity, that sort of things that gets any politician up. So in the end it’s
what institution do and not what they look like the matters

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