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Do examples come from all lessons, or only from unarchived lessons? Or does a beta language have any relevance here?

On my Latin dashboard, no examples occur for the lingQed words “esset” and “tam.” I know that I have read them in some of my past lessons (both occur in phrases from lessons other than the one I am looking at) . But there is nothing for either word in the examples, neither from Lessons or the Library.

Note that Examples do show up for some lingQed words, and they come from either other Lessons or the Library or both.

I have noticed the same thing for some of my Latin words.

@donhamiltontx - Let me check and see what the logic is here…

Alex, I found the answer in another thread, “Problem with Examples in Esperanto.”

@gregf - Actually, the examples will only come from lessons that are publicly shared on the site, so it would be the same for any language where all your lessons are private.”

So examples from lessons that I can see come from publicly shared lessons, and I can see phrases for items whether they come from public or private lessons because the phrase is tied to the word, not the status of the lesson.

Here is the address of the thread:
Problem With Examples In Esperanto - Language Forum @ LingQ

@donhamiltontx - Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for doing some digging here :slight_smile: