Daily review problems

Onc again I’m getting very few words in my daily review. The last review had 12 words (out of an asked for 75) and the day before that had only two words out of 75. Very frustrating. Can you please reset or whatever you need to do to fix this so I can get back to reviewing words?

This morning, my review, which should contain 150 words, contains only 12. PLEASE fix this for me. Thank you.

We are looking into it cheska99, sorry about that. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you for thanking me for my patience, although it feels a little thin at the moment. I got a review this morning with about 25 words and not the hundred I’m signed up for.

You seem to think that I shouldn’t go through past reviews, only the most current one. Is that correct? If so, why are they available to me to review? For me, reviewing not jut the current day’s review but the previous six days has worked very well, but if that’s what’s causing this problem, I’ll give it up.

I checked with our development team, and we can confirm that you do have lot of LingQs created on your account, but you have already review/learn a lot of them, and that is why you don’t have enough on your SRS list.
Here is a number of available LingQs which will be sent to you within next couple of days:
10 – 2018-03-31
04 – 2018-03-30
18 – 2018-03-28
09 – 2018-03-27
17 – 2018-03-26
06 – 2018-03-25
20 – 2018-03-24
23 – 2018-03-23
25 – 2018-03-22

Everything works properly, and there is no issue on our end, but looks like you are reviewing lot of LingQs! :slight_smile:

Well, I guess this is good news and bad news. But does it take into account that in the past few days I’ve been importing several new lessons with lots of new words?

Yes, all new LingQs (yellow words) you created will be added on SRS list and will be sent to you. You can check the status of your SRS list on the Vocabulary page.
Status 1 LingQs - Review in 1 day
Status 2 LingQs - Review in 3 days
Status 3 LingQs - Review in 7 days
Status 4 LingQs - Review in 30 days

OK. So if I imported a hundred words and they were all Status 1–I would see them the next day in my review?

That’s right, but not just to import them, you need to make them LingQs.

I think I’m figuring out my problem with the daily review. I have been in the habit of clicking that I got a word right whenever I did, not realizing that doing this two times (I believe) will move the status of the word up to 4. For me, I wouldn’t want to move the status up until I’ve gotten it right about ten times and over a period of a couple of weeks. So I’m hitting the red x button and saying I got it wrong even when I got it right so that the word will stay in quick rotation until I’m ready to see it go up to status 4. Am I correct about this?

Yes, if you select “Got It” twice in a row for a same word, it will increase its status +1. But also if you are wrong twice in a row, that will decrease its status -1.