Daily Reminder - It is ALL Trump's Fault

This morning, I stubbed my toe, walking down the street.

Basically, it was ALL Trump’s fault.

I think I might go out and protest against democratic outcomes, or complain about people keeping their election promises.

Or maybe I’ll walk down the street shouting about how I got a minority of votes but somehow I “won” an election.

Anyhow, I hate that big orange meanie almost as much as I hate democracy… Just wanted to spam the forum some more about it.


This morning, when you were walking down the street and stubbed your toe, were you ruminating about the phone call between President Trump and your Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull?

As I understand it, the scheduled one hour conversation was cut short: an angry Trump hung up at about the 25 minute mark.

But don’t worry, America is not going to leave the 1,250 refugees stranded in your detention center. Under Obama, America agreed to take them. And we will.

I hope you will forgive Trump for yelling at Malcolm turnbull. Trump is new in the job and has no political or governmental experience. Please give him a little time to figure out what he is doing.

You blamed the attack in Canada on Trump, and you were cheered on by a lot of lingq forum users.

Are you going to blame the attack at the Louvre on Obama?

It would be consistant with liberal logic, but an absolutely disgusting thing to do, don’t you think?

Anyway, Turnbull has already called out the fake news that liberals love so much.

Good luck spreading your misinformation all over the forum here.

Please re-read the entire thread. I said, “In this instance, it wasn’t Trump’s fault.”

Trump’s vitriol toward Muslims is no secret. And as President of the United States, his tweets can have a legitimizing effect for those who wish to harm others.

I’m sure this will be a productive thread.


Does it matter? Don’t get so hung up on others peoples opinions or playing the blame game. Analyze the issues at hand.

Have you ever thought that lots of people out there aren’t out protesting because they are sad they lost… but are actually pissed off at the policies he is enacting and want to let him know? For example, his EOs on abortion, immigration, his atrocious cabinet picks (just look at Sessions, Devos, Mnuchin, Rick Perry), and now trying to repeal the very regulations that were put in to PREVENT the crash of 2009 from happening again?

If you have disagreements on those issues; great, let’s hear a counter argument that doesn’t involve immediate blame of all “leftists”. Let’s focus on arguing our thoughts on the issues and treat people’s arguments as hypothesis to be discussed and not as ideology that needs to be dismissed.


I don’t think all differences of political or cultural ideologies can be grouped into two categories. Some pro-life people may be against loosening gun control; some people who champion universal health coverage may be against gay marriages. If one of the two parties in the US gets control of both the White House and Congress, it is probable that people’s lives are drastically changed. Some people might be feeling happy or unhappy, but others might be feeling happy on some points and unhappy on some other points at the same time.

Democracy in the US is still working. Trump can fire high-ranking government officials who do not obey his orders , but I don’t think he can “liquidate” them as Stalin and Hitler did. There are plenty of people who do not hesitate to criticize the current president both inside and outside Washington. When most of the people in that country realize that he is not qualified to be their president, which I think is true, he and his allies will lose their political power.

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You really think protestors are protesting because they want to let Trump know what they feel? It is all about making as much mischief as possible. I have yet to see a productive protest from the left since he was elected president though not all of them are outright violent.

The regulations are killing the financial sector. The US financial sector is by far the most regulated system in the world and the US is losing out big time from it. It is by no means clear that the regulations enacted actually prevent any crash from occuring again either; they are highly bureaucratic and inefficient.

If you want people to debate something, you have to give an actual argument. Chanting the same substanceless statements again and again with namecalling is not conducive to a productive discussion.

Change is always difficult, but when things are at a standstill it is absolutely necessary. Fighting it will unfortunately just make it more painful.

In my opinion, Trump is much more qualified than Obama was when he became president. Trump is excellent at hiring the most proficient employees and hes one of the best at negotiation which is something the US has been missing for a large number of years. Whether he will continue to be successful at negotiating while he is in office is impossible to predict, but I think he will.

what a statement the man has not been elected what 12days has not negotiated anything significant yet and now he is the best negotiator

I make an important distinction between peaceful protesters and violent rioters.

There is a bunch of moronic thugs (do they call themselves “black block”?) who are just looking for any excuse to damage random property, attack random people, and to have a violent confrontation with police officers. They aren’t actually all that hard to notice, because they aways turn up to these protests with face masks to hide their identity.

People are entitled to protest peacefully - even if it probably doesn’t achieve much. But these violent elements actually undermine the whole thing, because when a protest turns into a riot with smashed windows, things set on fire, etc (like at Berkley the other night) ALL of the protesters tend to lose sympathy from the law-abiding mainstream of people.

I am not aware of any of Trump’s negotiating successes. I believe Trump’s first public negotiating blunder may have been with Mexico.

Trump tweeted: “If Mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting,”

Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto tweeted: “This morning we have informed the White House that I will not attend the meeting scheduled for next Tuesday with the POTUS,”

Some feel that the cancellation was a public humiliation for the United States. It’s hard to have a successful negotiation with someone who won’t meet with you. Mexico has been a long time U.S. ally.

In fairness, it isn’t negotiation which is going on here. It is old-style big guy vs smaller guy bullying! :-p

So, you are complaining about people spamming the forum??
Maybe I shoudn’t be surprised if a Trump fanboy got hooked on “alternative facts”?

I am talking about his negotiation before he became president as a businessman. He has never been a politician so I cannot say for sure that he will be successful at negotiating as one but I am convinced he will

To be fair, its been 2 weeks and no actual policy change has happened between Mexico and the US so its too early to call it a failure (or success). Wait and see before you judge it, atleast thats what I am doing

I think it was Ben Shapiro who made the point that Mexico really doesn’t need to pay for this damn wall. It will be a drop in the ocean of Uncle Sam’s infrastructure budget, actually.

(Quite a good job creation scheme too…!)

Ben Shapiro? The same guy who says we simply can’t afford to pay for planned parenthood… something which the government spends literally 1/50th the cost the proposed wall?

Maybe? (I don’t follow him all that closely, TBH)

But I would guess that his opposition to government funded planned parenthood (if he does oppose it) would be based on an ideological objection rather than cost analysis?

I spend way too much time reading these threads wow