Daily links and android app

A little issue (I suppose). If I choose not to be sent emails with my daily links, they also disappear from my android lingQ app.

@josemaria92000 - Has this worked in the past? When did you change your settings, and did you notice this happening immediately?

This is the first time I have chosen not be sent emails with my daily links. As I went on holiday, I decided to cancel that option. It was on August 3. The daily links disappeared in my android app (and as I can see they also disappeared from the option in the website learning>vocabulary). On September 8 I changed again, asking for the notification of daily links by email in account>settings. The daily links returned both in my android app and on the website.

@josemaria92000 - OK, we’ll take a closer look into this and will get back to you if we need any further information.

@josemaria92000 - I looked into this further and here is the situation. If you switch the setting to “Do not send” then it will not currently generate lists on the Vocabulary page or in the app. In addition, it won’t send you a LingQs of the Day email for that language. If you are away and don’t want to receive the emails, it would actually be best to scroll down to the bottom of the Settings page and unsubscribe from the LingQs of the Day mailing list at the bottom. This should still generate your lists on the site and in the app but will prevent any emails from being sent.

In the meantime, we do have it on our list to allow these lists to be generated whether or not you have chosen to receive the emails, and once this is implemented you will be able to adjust your settings without having to worry about the lists not being generated at all.

Ok. Thanks for your answer.