Daily LingQs

I set my account settings to receive 100 LingQs of the day, and I really haven’t ever received 100. I receive anywhere from 1 LingQ to 33, maybe 80, but never 100. Is there a particular reason for this?

The LingQs of the Day are sent on a spaced repetition system. To get 100 sent in a day you will need to have created a lot of LingQs. Here is a thread about this feature, http://bit.ly/94XDjq.

Here is an excerpt:

We will be sending all the LingQs that you created 1, 4 and 11 days ago that are Status 1-3 and all LingQs created 29 and 64 days ago that are Status 1-4. Status 4 (Known) LingQs older than 64 days will no longer be sent.

Ok, thanks for the info.