Daily LingQs notifications ar not generated for prolonged period

Dear LinqQ,
Daily LingQs notifications ar not generated for 9 days period. I wrote several e-mails to LingQ support, but silence and no change. Are there others facing the same behaviour?
In general, it should be good to have some button for request to generate the next set of LingQs…
Regards, Audrius

Sorry to hear that. Did you message us on support(at)lingq.com? I checked our inbox and there is no email from you.
Regarding the Daily LingQs, do you have Daily LingQs notifications/emails enabled for your study language under the settings: Login - LingQ

Dear Zoran,
Thank You for the response.
I sent e-mails to support(at)lingq.com on the Tue 1/18/2022 16:14 and Fri 1/21/2022 10:15. The Subject contained " Problem: Daily LingQs (and notifications) are not regularly generated and missing". E-mail contained screenshot which show, that last notification was received on the 15 of January ant that for certain days notifications were missing.
Both notification types for Daily LingQs (“Send Email” and “Send Notifications”) are checked at Login - LingQ . All other checkboxes (weekly report …) are unchecked.
Looking forward for resolution of an issue.

Update: I would like to confirm, that issue was solved and Daily LingQs notification for 25 of January was received. Thanks…

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Great, glad to hear it.

Update: Daily LingQs notification not generated for the 26 of January. Why this process is not stable? What’s the reason? This functionality is very important for the user.

Update: Daily LingQs notification for 27 January was received.
Let’s look at further days to see if issue was really solved.

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