Czechs win hockey world championship

The Czechs managed to beat the Russians 2 to 1 to win the World Championship. The Russians showed up with all of their top stars, and yet failed to win against these Czechs, who were without many of their best players. Anything can happen in any game.

It is always fun to see the underdog win, except when your own team is losing, of course. So I confess I was somewhat favourable to the Czechs, although really just interested in watching the game ( I only saw the last period). The Czech goal tender was outstanding.

However, I must say, as a neutral observer, that the referees ruined the game, assessing far too many penalties to the Russians, in the third period. On the other hand, the Russians left it a little bit late.

Even the Canadian announcer could not believe the referees decisions. Pour Russians, now there will be even more hand-wringing and beating of chests in Russia.

I don’t like hockey (maybe it’s caused that I have very weak national’s team). I’d prefer football. It’s a fantastic game that triggers really incredible emotions.

Recently I watched the final of champions league and I was delighted I could see this really fantastic spectacl.

To each his own. I find football (soccer) quite boring, but not as boring as baseball. It is all a matter of what we are used to.