Czech mini stories - audio issues

Is it just my device or in many Czech mini stories audio stops playing somewhere in the middle of the lesson?
For example mini story 21 from 2:51 onwards. There are many more of them, but please check first this one.

As long as I remember there were typos but I had no problems with audio on Android.

@Mariotkd, I checked Czech story 21 and audio is fine, it plays whole audio lenght of 05:08 normally for me. Other lessons are fine too.Are you using website or app version of LingQ?

App version

In that case it must be the same issue some users experienced with audio player on the Android app after updating the Android version. Can you please check and let me know which Android version you have installed on your device?

I have actually two phones. One has Android 6.0 and I checked now and everything works fine.
Another one has Android 7.0 and half of the lesson is muted and other lessons are also flawed on that device.

Thanks! Looks like some of devices with Android 7.0 and above have issues with audio player in our app. We are working to get it fixed asap. Thanks for your patience.