Czech language

I’d like to ask you about adding Czech? I think it could be quite attractive language and as I know many people would like to study that. I’m able to provide Czech content and be a tutor.

@bazke - We have no immediate plans to add Czech but hope to add more languages in the next few months and Czech is at the top of our list. Thanks for letting us know of your ability to help out.

bazke, I can confirm your words. Slavic languages are interesting to me and I am looking forward for any of them appearing here. And I’ll be interested in Czech, too, though my biggest favorites are Polish, Ukrainian and Belarusian.

I cannot start with learning it right now because I don’t have enough motivation without having a badge with a word counter. This tool is so motivating! Though I can use a badge from other language, it is not that convenient. I want to be able to show my LingQ badges to my friends without additional explanations like: “I know NNNN words, but not in Portuguese, as you may think; I know them in Czech”.

By the way, you may start recording audio lessons and podcasts in advance if you have some free time. It would be great if you could use a decent microphone with low noise. TheDoctor did a great job creating his Czech lessons, but unfortunately, I’m not very impressed with his microphone. The quality of sound is important when you are a beginner in a language. I know about 12000 words in English but I’m still having trouble with listening comprehension of “medium” quality recordings, even if it eventually appears that I know the meanings of all the words in them.