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I have uploaded short lesson. Let me know if there is any problem. Thanks.

This lesson is excellent, interesting, topical, and the sound is clear. More please! My only comment would be that the difficulty level should be Intermediate 1. Many thanks.

I have made other short text about Václav Havel. Enjoy. Feel free to criticize.

I have added another president. Gustáv Husák.

I have made collection and added another two presidents.

I have added Zápotocký and Gottwald. In my view the worst presidents of Czechoslovakia.

Thanks. By the way, can anyone suggest where I can find a free e-book of Osudy dobroho vojaka Svejka? I have the audio book.

Hi Steve, there are four book of the “Osudy dobrého vojáka Švejka”. I have found something and put it into my domain, you can download it. If you want even another two books, let me know.

V zázemí (1921) →
Na frontě (1922) →
Slavný výprask (1922),
Pokračování slavného výprasku (1923)

Czech Television news with subtitles :

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Thank you Jarda. I could not connect to these links. Also if they are in PDF format I don’t think I can use them with LingQ. Is there not some public site that I can go to like Gutenberg?

Thanks user57, here is the bitly short link

user57, these are great, many thanks. too bad there are no transcripts for download and import to LingQ!!

Emil Hácha uploaded.

Steve: I do not think so or I do not know about any sites similar to Gutenberg for the Czech language. It is possible to find e-books on the internet either in Microsof Word or in PDF format. When having the PDF format, it is easy to convert it into DOC(X) format…and then it is possible easily to put the text from the document and put it into lingq.

OK, thanks. I have now been able to connect to the link and download the PDF file.When I copy from the text the Czech accents create strange symbols in the text. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Zasáhnutí dobrého vojáka Švejka do svìtové války
„Tak nám zabili Ferdinanda,“ øekla posluhovaèka panu
Švejkovi, který opustiv pøed léty vojenskou službu, když byl
definitivnì prohlášen vojenskou lékaøskou komisí za blba, živil se
prodejem psù, ošklivých neèistokrevných oblud, kterým padìlal

damn czech diacritics :)…I have tried to convert it by some programs, but without 100% succes.
I have found a website Jaroslav Hašek: Osudy dobrého vojáka Švejka za svìtové války …there are text from the books writen in html, so it is easy to copy it

There must be some easy way to read the Czech diacritics on sites like this where the diacritics distort the text. I have not trouble at Radio Praha, and
Is there something I need to download for my Mac? Does anyone know?

I do not have Mac. When having books or texts in *.DOC documents, it is okay, but when having it in PDF, it makes some problems sometimes. In this document, when copying some text from the book and then putting it at lingq, it breaks some dicacritics - some letters like řžšě…I do not have so much experience with coyping Czech texts from the PDF file to somewhere else.
You can copy anything from any website, it will be always okay (I hope so), just copying from the pdf file causes problems…from the Microsoft Word is okay too. Websites using some type of coding which causes that diacritics is okay in browsers.
This book is well read on the website I gave you Jaroslav Hašek: Osudy dobrého vojáka Švejka za svìtové války from which you can take the texts and put it into lingq.

I have added the last presidents Beneš and Masaryk. At last collection is complete.


This is what the page looks like for me.Does anyone know what can be done?

  1. kapitola Zas�hnut� dobr�ho voj�ka �vejka do sv�tov� v�lky
  2. kapitola Dobr� voj�k �vejk na policejn�m �editelstv�
  3. kapitola �vejk p�ed soudn�mi l�ka�i
  4. kapitola �vejka vyhodili z bl�zince
  5. kapitola �vejk na policejn�m �editelstv� v Salmov� ulici
  6. kapitola �vejk op�t doma, proraziv za�arovan� kruh