Cvs files, anki and exporting vocabulary

Not in possession of an Iphone I wanted to export my vocabulary to my android phone but I’m in need of some technical help which I can’t find on the help pages.

The cvs files in French have strange squibbles instead of accents, even when I select Western European French/Canadian.

I read that Steve had use Anki and wondered how he did it. How can I get a whole text version of my vocabulary for offline viewing?

Ok, I have figured it out by using a text editor tool but it might be worth adding some instructions to the help files when you update them for those of us who don’t own ipods.

It can sometimes be a bit of trouble to get the csv files in the correct format. Unfortunately, there are multiple flashcard programs for multiple platforms, and different programs may handle the files differently. The best course of action in this case would be to look on Anki’s (or the other program’s) website for their specific requirements (here, for instance:

The format LingQ exports is UTF-8, comma-delimited, strings in double-quotes (").

The format Anki expects its import: UTF-8, comma- or tab- delimited. The HTML special characters must be escaped: < = < / > = > / & = &