"Cut Working Moms?

what does the following phrase mean?
“cut working moms”… Here is the complete sentence :

((I think it’s time we sort of cut working moms a little bit of slack here and don’t just assign guilt to them because they’re at work.))

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Nothing about the above phrase in the link!!!

“cut working moms” is not a phrase. That would be a really weird and violent phrase. The phrase is “cut someone some (or ‘a little bit of’) slack”.

That sentence basically means that we should let working moms off the hook or give them a bit of leeway.
I’m not sure how helpful that is but I can’t think of any other way to explain it… just read the link^^

The idea of the phrase is to be more lenient in one’s expectations of another or in one’s behavior towards another.

Here are more examples of the phrase.

The teacher cut her students some slack by not assigning homework for the weekend.
The store cut its employees some slack by giving them extra time for lunch.
The police officer cut the motorist some slack and issued a traffic warning, not a traffic ticket.
The government cut its citizens some slack during difficult economic times by reducing taxes by 3%.
The company cut its customers some slack by offering a 10% sale on all clothing.
LingQ cut its members some slack by offering one free month of premium service.
The football team cut its thirsty fans some slack by allowing them to bring beer into the stadium.
The TV show “Law and Order: SVU” cut its lead actress some slack by cutting short its production schedule.
The zoo will cut its visitors some slack by providing free parking on Tuesdays.
The symphony orchestra cut its summer outdoor concert goers some slack by ending early because of the heat.

Thank you, Paule, lynkusu,donamiltontx…they were very helpful