Cruise Ship Disaster off the coast of Tuscany

This thread may get moved to the Content forum, but I put it in the open forum because it deals with current events. As you may have heard, an Italian cruise ship wrecked an tilted on its side off the coast of Italy when its captain led it into the shallow waters. The story is also hot news because the captain, Schettino, also apparently abandoned ship while there where passengers still on board trying to escape. There is a recording of the conversation between The Italian Port Authority (Comandante De Falco) and Schettino which got out onto the internet. A few parts of the conversation aren’t clear, but plenty of it is, especially Comandante De Falco, who spends most of his time yelling at Schettino to get back on board to help those still stuck on the ship. Schettino for his part is claiming he was “thrown off” the ship when it tilted, and for most of the conversation is making excuses not to go back to the ship.

I didn’t come across any English translations of the audio (which is of course in Italian) so I decided to snag the audio, and spend my evening transcribing it, providing an English translation for those not studying Italian but are interested in the conversation anyway, and turning it into a lesson.

There are a few strong words, all of them coming from Comandante De Falco yelling at Schettino for being a coward. A very interesting lesson indeed.

Amazing testimony. Fascinating content. Thank you for your hard work.


Odiernod, that is awesome content!

(If only there was more raw stuff like this at LingQ!)

Thanks for posting! I saw a brief summary in an article online, but not the whole transcript like this. That captain is going to be in some deep trouble.