Creative Commons License on The Linguist

But the terms aren’t changed, or?

Vera, the speed with which changes are made, has a lot to do with our overall work load, and other issues that we are dealing with.It is always our desire to respond as quickly as possible.

As to the terms, I know it was Mark’s intention to change them. I will let him answer.

The terms will be updated in the next update to the site within the next week.

Thank you.

Would it be ok to share content provided under a “Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0” lincense on LingQ?

Yes, you are allowed to share content that uses this license. Typically if it allows commercial use then it is OK on LingQ, but it is always better to ask! :slight_smile:

@kriznha: You must mention the license in the collection and/or provider description. And you should not use licenses with “NC” (No commercial) in it. Like Alex I recommend always to ask.

Thanks to both of you! Much appreciated!