Creation of a dummy or placeholder language for unsupported languages

I started a 90-day-challenge in Esperanto and noticed that someone is using Esperanto to track his progress in an unsupported language.

So he is not studying Esperanto but leads the 90-day-challenge with an impressive activity score of over 52000.

This of course throws a spanner into the works for those of us working on the Esperanto challenge.

Is it possible to create a dummy or placeholder language for purposes like his?

I sympathize with his requirements because I too would like to track my progress in an unsupported language, but I don’t want to mess up the 90-day-challenge for folks studying Esperanto or any other language.

If a dummy language could not be created for this purpose, is there any other suggestion for uploading text in an unsupported language?

Thanks for the suggestion. While we don’t have any immediate plans to add a feature like this, we will keep this one in mind!

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OK, but what about the problem that the leader on the Esperanto 90 Day Challenge isn’t even studying Esperanto?

I want to stress that I applaud him for his tremendous efforts in learning an unsupported language.

But his using Esperanto as a placeholder for his studies is affecting those of us taking the Esperanto 90DayChallenge.

What about that?

Thank you.

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