Creating new LingQs with Chrome is slow

Using the dictionary to create a new LingQ on a long lesson is very, very slow with Chrome. It is not recognazible with short lessons. Scrolling in the text is very, very slow too. You get the impression, the whole screen stucks.

This works fine on IE8 and FF.

Some time ago everything was ok with Chrome, but in the meantime there were newer versions of Chrome and Java.

I guess new members who experience this will probably think LingQ doesn’t work.

Chrome on Mac works fine & very fast…

My problem occurs under Windows XP.
All the other functions seems to work properly with Chrome.
Problem occurs with long lessons with lots of LingQs.

Hi Vera,

Can you make a screencast of this? If scrolling is slow, it is likely an issue with the computer/browser, not with LingQ. Also, do you find the dictionary slow to open when editing a LingQ or only when creating a new one? I wonder if it’s not related to the dictionary you’ve selected…

Hi Alex, I guess it is not a problem with my computer because IE and FF are quite fast and everything else is fast too.

I did more tests and figured out:

  1. Scrolling the lesson text by mouse wheel is fast. But page forward and backward by clicking on the sidebar is slow.

  2. The windows and the dictionary opens fast, but copy & paste of the dictionary text is very slow.

You’ll find a video:
Please notice that I recorded two examples for the second problem. The first example is not too bad, but the second example shows the problem.

Thanks for the screencast. These both appear to be browser related issues, meaning they are likely bugs within Chrome for Windows XP (and others, maybe). What version of Chrome do you have installed?
Has anyone else experienced these same issues with Chrome on a Windows machine?

It’s Chrome version 12.0.742.112

Hi Vera,

I’ve tested Chrome on Windows 7 and it appears to be working just fine, which leads me to believe that this is an issue on Chrome’s end. I encourage you to send them a bug report about this issue.

I use 13.9.782.55 beta.
Try Try New Features with Google Chrome Beta - Google Chrome

I’ve reported the problem because I’ve noticed it. I don’t want to spend more time on testing and reporting bugs. That’s not my job, and I’m too busy to invest more time. I’ll use FF. I’ve already invested more than an hour for testing, describing and making a video.

@Hape: Usually I don’t use Chrome because of the included spy tools. I use a clone version. I’ve only tested, if the same error occurs with the original Chrome version too. Recently I thought I would give Chrome or its clone a try, but I guess I’ll go back to FF or IE.

What’s bothering me is that I often come across functions that works fine in one of the common browsers but not in the others. And in the timeline there are changes that leads to new problems and solve other problems.

Thank you for your detailed explanation of this issue, Vera. It is often tough to know whether the issue is on our end or not, especially when we have trouble reproducing an error. In this case, it does appear to be a problem with Chrome, so there is likely little that we can do to remedy this.

The fact that there are several major browsers makes it difficult for developers to ensure code is compatible with all of them. From what I understand, Internet Explorer has been the biggest culprit of this, since for a long time they lagged behind the rest of the industry. I hear the newest version(s) of IE are much better to deal with.

Vera, Google Chrome does not have “spy tools”.

Please read the Google Chrome Privacy Notice

IE 9 does not run on Win XP - so forget it. IE8 is buggy and slow.
Firefox is still slower than Chrome.
So Chrome is (for me) the best choice, and it has Adobe Flash onboard and does all the updates in the background.

Hape, as long as the problem that I described above exists, I cannot use Chrome. FF is fast enough in my opinion. There is no recognizable speed difference for me. Interesting is that there are things on LingQ that works best with FF, other with IE, other with Chrome. So there is no favorite choice. Hm, that is not really funny. It’s too bad because I cannot decide to use ONE browser. Depending on what I’m doing I choose different ones.

Alex, I understand how difficult it is for the programmers.The main browsers should do well.