Creating new lingqs on ipad

When I open a new lesson in the ipad app, I see my lingq words highlighted in yellow, but I never see new words highlighted.
Is it not possible to create new lingqs within the app?

I don’ know about the app. I can no longer download lessons with the app. I get the message that I can only open previously opened lessons. In Safari it is possible, sort of. In my experience, this is so slow that I always move to the computer.

I don’t have the download problem, that does at least work.

@roberto41 - You can’t add new lessons or create LingQs in the app yet. We are working on adding that functionality in the future. For now, the app is only for reviewing what you have done on the site. You can create LingQs and add lessons on the site using Safari on your iPad.

@Gingko - The app will only show you lessons you have previously downloaded if you are offline. If you see that message, you must connect to the internet.

Hi Mark, thanks for the update, will be nice to have that feature for sure.