Creating new lingq whithout a lesson

hi guys, I wanna create a new lingq, but out of the lesson. Do you know how can I create the lingq this way. For example, I am reading a text or book in english and a found one word I don’t know. I wanna open the lingq website and create there a new lingq in order to have all my new words in the same place. Someone can help me. Thxs. Cloves.

You could make a list of the words you want to lingq, e.g. in WORD, and then import that list as a lesson.


This is what I do as well. My friends correct my speaking mistakes via Skype chat and then I import all corrected phrases as a new text for lingqing.

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thanks, guys. I’ll try this way.

Hi Cloves,
You can also import LingQs manually on the Vocabulary page. Just click on the “Import Vocabulary” button on the top.

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