Creating new dictionary definitions without resorting to online or having to click on online dictionary

I keep having to click on the online dictionary button to create my own definition for new words. This is annoying, either the problem is in that the UI isn’t clear enough with regard to how to immediately create my own definition and that’s why I can’t seem to figure it out, or the option isn’t there at all. I have to either click a crappy definition from the community or choose a dictionary. I have my own offline dictionary…

This is particularly annoying for the advanced Japanese lessons which have a lot of archaic vocabulary, it seems not many community members have done some of these and there’s some really, really terrible and innacurate and unhelpful definitions going on there.

Also, how do I shut down the robot word reading chick? The one that reads out a word when i click on it.

Hi luilui,
You can disable auto text-to-speech if you click on the settings button at the top right on the lesson page.

If you want to add your own definition when creating LingQs, click on any of suggested hints and then you will be able to edit it/add your own definition.