Creating my own flashcard or modifying the highlighted word in a Lingq

Is there some way to either create my own flashcard for a lesson or modify the Lingq in such a way as to practice a root word. It is very annoying to do a dictation and find that you have linked the female plural of an adjective (in French, for example, enchantées) which cannot be distinguished during the dictation exercise, so to get it right you just have to remember which form you linked.

@AndyHughes - The Dictation doesn’t actually affect the status of your LingQs, so whether you get it right or wrong it will stay the same status. The reason behind this is that being able to spell a word doesn’t necessarily mean you know what the word means.

I recommend just being a little more forgiving for getting words like this wrong. As long as you know the word and can spell it correctly in another form, I think you can assume that you know how to spell the word properly.

EDIT: As a follow up, you can edit the term by clicking on the term when the yellow widget is open.

Alex, am I right in thinking that if Andy Hughes did this, then the word would no longer be LingQed in the text, and he would not be able to study the word in the lesson flashcards (at least after refreshing the browser)? The way I understand it, the system identifies LingQs that I have created by their ‘term’ and not by some hidden number that is generated when I LingQ words.

@ColinPhilipJohnstone - That is correct; however, this word would still be in his list of LingQs and would appear highlighted wherever this new term appears in a text.