Creating linqs in Japansese

In the Japanese lessons, the pre-highlighted linqs are all particles and phrases- no actual kanji/vocabulary- for example, on the page it says “237 words” but only 2 or three things are actually linq-able. When I try to highlight kanji, multiple things become highlighted and it gives me an error message. I’ve tried in two different browsers. Am I just missing something obvious?

We are experiencing some problems with our Asian languages as the result of our recent changes. Stay with us and things will get better.

I really hope this bug will get fixed as soon as possible and learners of Asian languages can save their unknown words. (I still get an “internal error” on IE7.06, FF3.012, and Chrome 2.017) As a tutor and a lesson contributor of Japanese, I want to raise my voice that there are keen learners and tutors in Asian parts of LingQ. I hope next major upgrade is for learners of Asian languages.

But of course, we all know your programmer is working very hard. So now I hope he takes good care of himself (don’t let him overwork too much).