Creating lingqs out of compound words is too slow

I’m wondering why creating lingqs out of compound words is so slow. LingQing simple words is practically instantaneous, but expressions and phrases are discouragingly slow…
Any tip to avoid this? Any hope of having this fixed in the near future?

I find that phrases are a little slower but it does not bother me. It could be because the dictionary is searching for a term that it does not have. I tried changing my default dictionary to Google translate but it had not effect. Yes a few second longer for phrases of compound words. maybe Mark of our programmers have an answer.

Ana, don’t be so impatient!!!

In fact, I suspected the same, this is the time needed for the system to search for similar expressions. With simple words, it is easy to compute this in advance, but for expressions this is a little bit more difficult, although not impossible, to pre-compute at least the most probable ones.
Aha, Steve, now you’re asking me not to be myself… ultimately, with virtually no free time at all, I’m becoming even more impatient, if such a thing is really possible…