Creating LingQs from Known Words in Android App


I can’t seem to create LingQs from words I had previously marked as Known. I can do that in Chrome browser on my PC but that doesn’t work on my Android Phone (Samsung Note 9).
I use LingQ mostly on my phone so being able to create these LingQs is important to me - I’d rather not go to the PC version just to add some words.

Thank you in advance.

Strange, I can’t reproduce that issue. What happens when you try to select known (white) word?

I click that word and sometimes it will actually select that word for me to re-add it but sometimes nothing happens and when I try to hold longer or sth different my phone is selecting the word by it’s from the Android system - it then asks me to copy that word - LingQ app doesn’t seem to be willing to create that LingQ.