Creating hints is to slow

HI Steve,

I love this web site, but I’m becoming increasingly frustrated when I try to create my own hints (which I do for most words and phrases), and every second or 3rd time is sort of freezes. When that happens it either takes 20 seconds, 1, or 2 minutes to simply load the “create your own hint” box. Then I either have to wait for it, or reload the whole page and try again. Very frustrating… I hope you are able to find a solution for this. What I like most about this website is the speed and ease with which you can learn new words and have them collected in your word data base. But this problem is more or less ruining this feature of the website for me, and is discouraging me from using this system at all

I’ll be hoping you find a solution,

I’ve had this problem now and then since I-can’t-remember. There has been other problems this with the vocabulary hint/dictionary tool the past few days (maybe up to a week) and I’m getting pretty tired of having to reload pages/open the dictionary in a new window for each saved LingQ/not being able to use the site…

Apologies for the recent slowness of the site, but rest assured that we are working on it and hope to have the problem fixed asap. The new update will hopefully address not only the slowness of the site but also the speed and convenience of creating LingQs, not to mention some other features that we are excited about introducing. Bear with us in the meantime :slight_smile:

It has been running much better over the last couple days, so thanks :slight_smile: