Creating group discussion -- 500 error

Recently one new lingqer found that if you try to create a group discussion less then in 12 (or so) hours, you get 500 server error. It would be better if the sistem tells the exact reason why it can’t create this discussion than just “500-server error”.

You’re right. We will get a proper error message there. This relates to another thread, A Suggestion: Instant Conversations - Language Forum @ LingQ, on the topic of allowing people to sign up right up until a conversation begins. Does it make sense to prevent tutors from creating events less than 12 hours in advance. Maybe we shouldn’t prevent this at all. If people want to create events at any time, why wouldn’t we let them do so? If nobody signs up, no big deal.

What do you think? Should we remove the restriction and allow events to be created even if they are less than 12 hours away?

Instead we will remove that restriction. It is an unnecessary remnant of our earlier system.

This restriction has now been removed. You should be able to create group conversations right up until the last minute now.

That’s great! I missed the option to create last minute discussions!