Creating duplicate LingQs

I keep creating duplicate lingQs in hiragana, this shouldn’t happen should it? Why doesn’t the system register that I have already created an identical LingQ? Is it something to do with the spacing algorithm?

Do you mean the system doesn’t recognize other examples of the same LingQed hiragana term in the text? Or, that you keep having to create the same LingQ in different texts?

I’ve had the experience of creating LingQs in Japanese and opening the same lesson at a later date and having the LingQed terms in the vocab list on the right but not highlighted yellow in the text, nor able to generate a pop-up when I mouse over them.

I think they are generally LingQs that are short phrases that are comprised of 2 or more words that were highlighted separately in blue when I first opened the text.

I don’t mind that the system doesn’t spot a term that I have already lingQed in the text. I create a lot of overlapping lingQs, with first the component words, then the whole phrase. What bugs me is that, when I come to create a new LingQ, the system doesn’t correctly check through my existing lingQs and recognise that that LingQ already exists. I suspect that it’s something to do with the new spacing algorithm but don’t have the data to prove it.

I think the problem may be that if the selection isn’t exactly the same as a previous selection (includes spacing, word splits, spaces before and after the phrase) the system will not recognize them as the same. We will look into what can be done here.