Creating a tag with one word does not work


I don’t know why, but I can’t tag the word “熱心”.
Everytime I select it nothing happens. It works perfectly with every other word however.

Sorry to disturb you for such a small thing, but I want to remember it.^^

@Junomaru - I just tried tagging this word and it seems to be working properly. When you say “Every time I select it nothing happens”, what exactly are you referring to?

@alex - usually when you mark a word, the light blue surrounding color field pops up and you can tag it as a yellow word. But when I mark that word, and only this one, it simply stays marked (like normal text outside of LingQ would also) and no light blue surrounding color pops up.

Maybe it could be that I once already selected that word in another text and selected “ignore this word” (although I could not think why I would do that with that word, and I cannot remember doing so anytime). Would it be possible in this situation to unignore that word to be able to tag it again?

It sounds like you are actually trying to LingQ a word that is not highlighted. This is a different activity then tagging. You should be able to do this normally whether or not you have previously ignored the word. It sounds like a word is not working properly. Is this an imported lesson? If it is an imported lesson, you should edit it and clear any formatting around that word you can try deleting the word and typing it again.

It is no imported lesson. But I will survive without tagging that word, somehow… >.>

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: